Stick Cottage garden

History of Stick Cottage

The history of Stick Cottage dates back to the 18th century. The Cottage is part of a property that was previously in the Williams family for 200 years until the 1970’s. During this period, it was part of a thriving smallholding, which provided the only shop and bakery for the village of Dwyran. Fresh goods grown on the land were sold from Refail Siop (Smithy’s Shop), while items such as coal and grain came from further afield, delivered by pony and cart from the Caernarfon ferry.

In its time, Stick Cottage has been both a smithy and a dairy, before becoming a software development office in the late 1980’s, and most recently it is where the Anglesey Stick first originated (hence Stick Cottage).

Anglesey Stick under construction             Anglesey Sticks in action           Anglesey Sticks and Euro paddle

The Anglesey Stick is a hand-crafted Greenland paddle made to order – ‘a paddle of beauty as well as functionality’. If you’re a keen sea-kayaker, you may like to try one out while you’re staying at Stick Cottage. Just ask Paul about his paddles, while you’re here.